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Lord of the Dead :iconrodkaromanovich:rodkaromanovich 0 0
The Falling Sun by rodkaromanovich The Falling Sun :iconrodkaromanovich:rodkaromanovich 3 0
Socialist and Capitalist Grading Systems
Standing before the students in his ECON 101 class, the professor announced, “As this is an economics course, I’d like to conduct an economics experiment. First, I will try to simulate communism with the grading system. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade.”
After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. The students who studied hard filed a complaint to the dean, but the dean was off fundraising with some prominent alumni, and never got back to them about the complaint, which was probably lost in his desk.
As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.
As the tests proceeded, the tests got worse and worse until everyone failed. The professor explained, with a jerkish upward twist of the corner of h
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All Who See This
With the passing of Muhak IV his family’s term of exile was ended, and Muhak V returned from Mumu to Toqat, bringing with him his foreign wife, her brown skin wrapped in gold robes, their son, and a small entourage. As he entered the capital’s hinterland, he was talking with his wife.
“I can’t say I like the mirrors. But I’m inclined to make peace with them.”
“Some of your ancestors were famous for their explicit hatred of them,” his wife replied, gently playing with the jewels on the hem of her headcovering.
“Ha. I think that optimism — and diplomacy — tend to skip generations in my family. But, whatever — to see my ancestral home . . .”
He sighed and changed the subject. “I find it strange that we did not encounter anyone at the Eastern Pass, and the Mirrors of the Passes never spoke to us.”
His wife did not answer but exclaimed, “Is this what the land you told us of is like?”
They h
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A Stain on the Tapestry of History
Malus grew up to keep the aloofness and elitism of his model, even to a greater degree, it was said. And although he still received respect for the unassailable profundity of his work, there many who thought he was a wee bit mad. He spent most of his days indoors with his great-great-uncle’s book. One day, as the centennial celebration of Samat I’s accession approached, and five years into Samat V’s greasy stain on the tapestry of history, he was sitting with the book by the window.
“The realm where time does not matter . . . ” he read. He skipped ahead. “. . . I must concur with Mepis that our mirrors may be pointed to the stars in the examination of the heavenly bodies and other outer realms . . .” then “The secrets of life itself may be revealed.” He closed the book and looked out upon the avenues full of bowed heads fixated on their mirrors.
On the eve of the celebration Malus walked into the palace, asking to see the king. Sama
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Differing Degrees of Dimness
Samat V was, at sixteen, one of the youngest monarchs to ascend the throne of Toqat and the first to grow up in world where every waking moment was dominated by mirrors. He was so widely viewed as a dissatisfactory continuation of the dynasty that much of the court would have preferred to crown his older cousin, except that that cousin suddenly died of a stroke at the ripe old age of thirty, a month before Samat V was enthroned. The young figurehead left most of the affairs of state to his chamberlain, and the High Council thought this was just as well. His opinion of his dominion over the kingdom was, “I can do whatever I want,” and what he wanted to do was pitifully little. Having his character not fully formed, and having no elder superiors to restrain and guide him, he became a pleasure-seeking young king. He liked arranging Bacchanals, and he found mirrors were a godsend for getting five hundred people to the same place at one time. Although he never showed any interes
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During the tenth year of Samat IV, the demons came. A demonic possession was not unheard of, even in those peaceful and orderly times, but when several possessions are reported in the same area, something is to be suspected. And reports of demons, possessions, and tortured souls seemed to pop up overnight at the edge of the capital city, near the river and south of the industrial quarter.
Years before wizards who paid attention to these kind of things knew there was a connection, however vague, between mirrors and demons. The first indication of this was when rogue wizards that may best be considered as a kind of juvenile magical vandal, but which were popularly known as “hackers,” began to use mirrors as strike points. Originally they would cast spells to interfere with other people’s mirrors and messages, or appear momentarily to do or say something stupid, irritating to their victims but amusing to them, and then disappear. Over time their practices became more sop
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The Unknown Wizard a Thousand Years Hence
Visitors were few at the modest country estate of Sumal’s family. Reserved and never the fashionable type, they did not host any ceremonies or feasts. On rare occasions, a historian or magician would drop by to pore over the famed wizard’s writings, and he would be warmly received. The family had not shared in Sumal’s prodigious talent, so the book had little direct use or even interest to them, but they continued to preserve it as their most sacred duty, even if for the sake, as Sumal had said, of an unknown wizard a thousand years hence. But their hopes were soon enlivened that it would not come to such an extreme scenario. After skipping several generations, Sumal’s great-grand-nephew, six-year-old Malus, began to demonstrate an interest in and a real talent for magic. His parents set about cultivating his power in any way possible. Sitting at the breakfast table one day as a teenager, poring over his great-great-uncle’s work, his father asked him if he
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The God is not Speaking
Long after, Samat III was among the most beloved of kings, and priests made sacrifices to his soul, and the common people did as well, and even prayed to him as a god. By contrast Samat IV was often remembered unfavorably as the king in whose reign the health effects of all this magic first became apparent. However, it would not be fair to lay blame on him, when there were innumerable people — nearly the whole kingdom — who contributed to the problem. In fact, Samat IV did everything possible to ameliorate the crisis, short of addressing the cause.
The first problem to be noticed was people who gained a “charge” by overuse of their mirrors. Since, with handheld mirrors, the major parts to be affected were the hands and eyes, symptoms appeared here first. Eyesight would be weakened, as in people who squint to read in the dark, and the hands would itch, and both would glow. No one believed it was a serious or lasting problem, but it sure was annoying. Doctors reco
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The Irritation of the Gods
Old mirrors had drawn their energy from the earth, which is why they had to be fixed to the ground in some manner, but more sophisticated magic allowed them to be separated from this source of power, making possible mirrors that could be moved as they were used. Thus at the end of Samat III’s reign, hand mirrors appeared. They spread as virulently as public mirrors and private home mirrors had spread before. The average household soon had six mirrors: one big family mirror and a hand mirror each for two parents and three kids. Home mirrors were kept because they had larger, more detailed images, and were better suited to things that absorbed one’s complete thought or required attention to particular points, but they steadily lost ground to the more versatile hand mirrors. Since they were no longer rooted to the place of the home mirror on their wall, people were out and about again, but mirrors were still the center of their attention and cares. Furthermore the availability
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The House of Muhak
The Order and the League were both broken up and banned as treacherous elements. Hamuk was put to death. He lifted his arms and head just prior to the execution and exclaimed, “Hear my prayer, O Gods: let not wickedness prevail!” His clan, though probably not directly involved and certainly unaware of the murder plot, was sent into exile.
Muhak the Younger pleaded for clemency, reminding him of the renowned service of his ancestors to the dynasty.
“Trust us! We harbor naught but friendship to the crown. It was the first Lord of Tet who took arms with Kumal the Great to establish this kingdom.”
Samat replied, “I am not an unjust or unreasonable king. I do not believe ancestral service warrants any forgiveness for present sins, but neither do I believe that the sins of the father are visited upon the son. Thus I grant this mercy: when you have all died, your children may apply for their return to Toqat and the restoration of their title.”
Everybody hai
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Mask of the Order
Muhak the Elder and Muhak the Younger had been discussing recent events, but it had by then dropped off into a monologue. Muhak II sat in his chair, leaning his head on his hand silently, with a frown, still sore over his failures. His father was giving a speech about the failures of the mirrors and the woe they would bring. Momentarily a contingent of knights and bailiffs burst into the castle.
“What is the meaning of this? We are high nobles. I am Muhak, whose ancestors nursed this kingdom and were awarded rank by Kumal himself. Who are you? We demand you respect the sanctity of the House of Tet. We are not common thieves!”
“Are you so sure?” the chief officer mocked, brandishing a letter. His party proceeded to the chamber of Muhak II’s younger son, Hamuk, and destroyed the door. The officer unrolled the letter.
“We would like to ask you about this letter. It was found in the home of Kazik, along with two severed heads.”
“I don’t
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Unmistakable Sign :iconrodkaromanovich:rodkaromanovich 0 0
Mature content
Hammers :iconrodkaromanovich:rodkaromanovich 0 0
Mature content
No Soul to Regenerate :iconrodkaromanovich:rodkaromanovich 0 0
The League Against the Proliferation of Mirrors
Once mirrors had come to dominate the leisure of the masses, the League Against the Proliferation of Mirrors emerged to fuse the varied detractors of mirrors into an active, vocal opposition. To them mirrors were less a national strength than a national threat which was eroding the traditions and values of the nation. To the optimists who pointed out that Toqat enjoyed more prosperity than ever before, they readily retorted, “It’s no use reckoning a nation in numbers of acreage or gold when it’s lost its soul!” Muhak II publically avowed his sympathy for the movement. This aroused suspicion among certain factions of the court who believed Muhak engineered the entire anti-mirror phenomenon to aggrandize the power of Tet.
The League initially had problems growing. The League’s detractors did not bother organizing immediately to oppose them, but when they did, they had a huge advantage: they used mirrors. Not only could they confer with each other instantaneo
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Creation: Part 2 by JentacularDoodle Creation: Part 2 :iconjentaculardoodle:JentacularDoodle 1 0 #Decapitation by VladGradobyk #Decapitation :iconvladgradobyk:VladGradobyk 178 11 Supernatural by Joe-Roberts Supernatural :iconjoe-roberts:Joe-Roberts 552 39 Alternate History Map of Europe v2 by Regicollis Alternate History Map of Europe v2 :iconregicollis:Regicollis 221 77 Desert Rose by wandering-spark Desert Rose :iconwandering-spark:wandering-spark 3 5
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Umerikin Inhgllish:
Ae disaeded dhaht ae shuud mehk u noo Inhgllish skript, wun dhaht wuud mehk Umerikin Inhgllish muts mor funedik.  Alldho itt mehks muts mor sent-s, Ae feer dhaht itt mehks us upeer kumplleettllee ideeadik.
O well.
:iconjentaculardoodle:JentacularDoodle 2 3
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Conlang Challenge - July
:iconfireworkplz: July's Challenge:  :iconfireworkplz:
Translate the preamble of the Declaration of Independence into your conlang
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
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My friend, I am the lord
The lord of the dead
And one day you’ll
Take my snowy hand
And you all shall come to me

A drooping cliff
A frozen lake
An empty needle
Anonymous germ
All of these belong to me

The blood runs out
The bones are bleached
The worms return
To the earth whence they came
For they were sent by me

The wheel winds down
The fire burns out
The sun dims as
It yields to the night
All of these devolve to me

The rock wears down
The dust blows off
The stars drift away
And get lost in the night
All of these devolve to me

Every aborted child
Every statistic of war
Every old man
Forgotten, alone at home
All of these return to me

Suddenly, silently
Quietly, violently
If you are wise
Then you may pass in peace
But you all will pass through my gate

I, I will wait
I may wait for years
I may wait an aeon
But I will wait
I wait to welcome all to my home

As you look in my eyes
How do you feel?
Peace or fear or
Nothing at all?
All your thoughts melt into me

As you look in my eyes
What do you see?
Are my eyes black?
Are my eyes white?
All you see belongs to me

My friend, I am the lord
The lord of the dead
The lord of the dead
The lord of death
And all of you belong to me
The Falling Sun
Blackened branches scratch the sky
The trees enmesh the falling sun
As it bleeds into the clouds

First poetry of the year. First in a long while, actually.
  • Reading: "Dr. Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak
Well, I still have no internet. But I am alive. Actually, I'm probably more alive than I was before. I'm in the city now with an amazingly passable connection, which is sort of like seeing a color TV for the first time after a black-n'-white 6-inch. Since my last update, I finished "One Man's Wilderness," and also "Siddhartha" and "All Quiet on the Western Front," and am now almost done with "Dr. Zhivago." (I love those Russian novels. "War and Peace" is next.)


Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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